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Brand Introduction

                                                                                                                                                   About Airfrex

Since the first day this brand has been created, we bear in mind with our mission and keep asking what we can achieve more in the audio industry.

In this new digital audio era, music is no longer restricted to home theatre and bulky gears, instead, it has come into reality that personal music can be anywhere and anytime with portable devices, however, many of them might compromise the high quality of the music in exchange of easy access to low quality music from their personal mobile device, such as cell phone, tablet or MP3 players. Do they miss any details when they play the music with low definition songs and low quality speakers? We think they must be, Airfrex would never live up to any acoustic compromise even though most people don’t really expect much from their tiny and portable speaker. Powered by our expertise, passion and deepest love with music, we proudly announce that our portable products can truly reproduce the music exactly the same as they were recorded in the studio by the musician, no more, no less. To maintain and guarantee that kind of quality, we custom design and build our own transducers, adapted the most advanced chips and most of all, we spent hundreds of hours in measuring alone during the development, ultimately, the products speaker for themselves and the brand.  

Our expertise, dedication and commitment to the engineering make us stand out this over crowed industry and bring the award-winning products to the market. No easy laughter, no loose judgment and it has always been a tough process. Music is science, as does sound, we respect the science behind the sound and seek to discover it and utilize it to better engineering our products, and this is our understanding of sound.

Besides, we also understand what is next in this audio industry, and that is why we concentrate on digital wireless music because we believe this is the trend and future of this industry, today, our product line covers sound bar, wifi speakers, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth receivers, Bluetooth transmitters, headphone amplifiers, DAC, microphones and more.


It is our mission to maintain the high quality of the audio products as the traditional hifi, meanwhile it is also our mission bring them to a higher level by combining them with the new trend and innovative technology, HIFI, Wirelss, Smart and Portable.

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